Victoria Cornell – Kennel Technician

Victoria Cornell is an Island Animal Hospital Kennel Technician who loves working with the animals each and every day! Victoria first came across Island Animal Hospital while searching for a job where she could spend time with animals each and every day, and just so happened to come across an opening here at our facility!

Victoria’s favorite part about working at Island Animal Hospital is getting to see the whole treatment process when an animal comes in sick or injured. Watching an animal recover from an illness, and feeling much better than they did when they first arrived, makes Victoria feel proud of the work she does each day!

Victoria is the proud owner of three dogs, Chappie, Lily, and Raina. She is also the owner of a Ball Python named “Big Boy”.

When not at work, Victoria loves spending time with her two children, Arionna and Jaxon! She also enjoys walking on local area trails, having bonfires, doing pilates, and reading when she gets some quiet time.

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