Pet Grooming Services in Cocoa Beach: Dog Gets Nails Trimmed

Why Focus on Pet Grooming?

Grooming is so much more than an aesthetic luxury. Regular professional pet grooming and at-home care have substantial benefits for your pet’s overall health and wellbeing. When a pet’s hair becomes too long, dirty, and matted, it is not only unpleasant but can actually cause pain and lead to more serious conditions. Additionally, pets with clean, cut, shiny coats are simply happier! We offer full grooming services at our Merritt Island Location, so pamper your pet today and make an appointment.

What Professional Pet Grooming Entails

At our Viera and Cocoa Beach animal hospitals, we have full services that address every inch of your pet from nose to tail. Our services include:

  • Brushing to remove any irritants, dandruff, and dirt from your pet’s fur while preventing tangles and matting. This is also a great time for our staff to check for any issues such as hiding pests, irritation, growths, or bald patches.
  • Bathing and drying which cleans the fur by removing all the dirt and dandruff that brushing missed.
  • Ear cleaning which prevents infections and parasites (and allows us to look for either!).
  • Eye cleaning such as trimming the hairs around them and removing any accumulations in the corners.
  • Teeth brushing with cooperative pets, which is the single best preventive measure against periodontal disease if done routinely.
  • Nail trimming to prevent ingrown nails, reduce the risk of injury, and stop them from getting caught in carpet or upholstery.
  • Breed-Specific cut to help keep them cool in the summer and control pets with continually growing hair, like poodles.

Learn About Our Groomer

Alysha Rutland

Our professional groomer will know just how to handle your pet and give them all the special treatment for their temperament and breed. Schedule a pet grooming appointment today!

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