Three AAHA-Accredited Hospitals

Why have one when you can have three? Our three Island Animal Hospital locations are all AAHA-accredited animal hospitals, built to serve pets and their owners with the best in veterinary medicine. Whether you see us in Merritt Island, Viera, or Cocoa Beach, you can expect the same standards all around. Animal hospitals are not required to be accredited like human ones, so the quality of care and standards of each veterinary practice can vary greatly. However, when you bring your furry family to one of our practices, you know they will receive care you can trust.


What AAHA Accreditation Means

AAHA-Accredited animal hospitals are evaluated on over 900 standards. They cover every facet of a practice, including cleanliness and hygiene, surgical procedures and equipment, anesthetic monitoring and administration, as well as practice management, staff, and client satisfaction. With every area of our practice holding approval from AAHA, you can rest assured your pet is well cared for. Furthermore, to maintain our accreditation, we undergo an equally rigorous evaluation every three years to ensure we hold true to each standard time and again. What more could you ask for in your pet's hospital?

If you have any further questions about our accreditation or the many ways we work to meet consistently high standards at every location, please do not hesitate to get in touch! We are always happy to chat with you about how we strive to provide excellent care for your four-legged family members.