Learn More with Educational Videos

Your education as a pet parent is an important component of our veterinary care. The more you know about your pet and their health and wellbeing, the better you care for them. Our educational videos are designed to teach you about common (and not so common) pet ailments, offer advice for at-home care, as well as seasonal tips, fun facts, and more! Check back often to see new videos and information. There is always more to learn!

How do I protect my pet from heart worms?  Dr. Erin Coris answers this important question in this short video.

What is safe for humans is not always safe for animals! Many common household foods, plants, and other products can be poisonous and even fatal to pets. Talk with your Island Animal Hospital vet about which products and items to keep an eye on.

Here are a few key pieces of information and additional tips from the vets and staff at Island Animal Hospital.

This year, resolve to better manage your pet’s health! Here are some tips from the vets and staff at Island Animal Hospital.

This magical season can create some holiday hazards for your pets. Here are some things to keep in mind.

That bad dog/cat breath can be a sign of something more serious!  Watch this video for some quick tips on ensuring your pet has optimal dental health.

Are costumes safe for your pet? Which candies are harmful to them? Here are some important Halloween pet safety reminders from Island Animal Hospital vets.

As pets become ‘senior’, their bodies become less able to cope with physical or environmental stress. Both dogs and cats are very good at hiding signs of illness, and health problems can appear quickly. Most experts agree that healthy senior cats should see their veterinarians every 6 months.

Fleas and ticks are external parasites that can cause serious diseases and extreme discomfort for your pet.

Here are some pro tips from the staff at Island Animal Hospital that will help keep your pet safe and happy during those hot summer months!

Hurricane season officially runs from June 1 – November 30, and while many Floridians have a plan in place for the season, not everyone considers the effects a strong storm or an evacuation can have on pets.

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