Lengthening Life with Dog and Cat Vaccinations in Brevard County, FL

Without vaccinations, your pet’s health could be compromised by a disease that could have easily been avoided. The latest veterinary medicine provides a range of vaccines for dogs and cats that help them live longer, healthier lives. We offer both core and non-core dog and cat vaccinations in Brevard County, FL  to cover pets with a variety of lifestyles at each of our locations in Merritt Island, Viera and Cocoa Beach.

Pet Vaccination Timelines

We administer pet vaccinations starting with puppies and kittens who get a series of vaccines and boosters during their first few weeks in the world. After their initial series, young animals and adults receive annual or tri-annual vaccinations depending on the type of vaccine.

Puppie and Kitten Vaccines

They receive their first dose of core vaccinations as early as 6 weeks of age. We give subsequent boosters at 2-4 week intervals until at least 16 weeks of age.

Adult Dog and Cat Vaccinations

Adult pets receive boosters of core vaccinations every three years after their initial series as newborns. While core vaccines such as distemper (for cats and dogs) maintain their efficacy for 3 years, other non-core or lifestyle vaccines require more frequent administrations.

holding gray cat

"They're always so wonderful to my pits. I think Cocoa fell in love with Dr. Burnett. Took her a minutes but he won her over. I think she would of followed him all day. The staff, I can’t even begin to say how wonderful they are, always so loving towards our sweet girl."
- Sondra H.

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Pet Vaccinations: What We Recommend

Some vaccines are considered “core” and help protect every pet regardless of lifestyle. Others are “non-core” and are based on lifestyle alone. To help you choose the right vaccination for your pet, we will discuss their general lifestyle, particularly how much time they spend out doors and with other animals. We will then recommend from the following below.

Vaccines for Dogs

  • 3-year Rabies
  • 3-year DAPP (distemper, adenovirus, parvovirus, para influenza)
  • 1-year Bordetella (kennel cough)

Vaccines for Cats

  • 1-year Rabies
  • 3-year RCCP, or feline distemper (rhinotracheitis, calicivirus, chlamydophila, panleukopenia)
  • 3-year FeLV (feline leukemia)

If you have any questions about pet vaccinations schedules or administration, please ask! We are eager to answer your questions and help you understand the value of vaccines.