Bird Health Awareness Week: Tips for a Healthy Bird

Birds are extraordinary animals, and although they can be an exciting pet to own, it’s important that bird owners know how to properly care for them. During Bird Health Awareness week, we want to share some important health tips that every bird owner should know.

Here Are Three Bird Health Tips for Bird Health Awareness Week:

Mental Health –

When caring for a bird, it is important to remember that they are incredibly intelligent. For proper bird health, it is important for a bird to have play time often. Making sure that a bird has plenty of toys to provide stimulation when an owner is away can be a great way to care for your bird’s mental health. For most species of birds, especially in household birds, it is not recommended that they are kept in seclusion.

Cage Care –

If your bird is kept in a cage, the cage must be kept tidy and hygienic. Bird cages require a lot of attention, so it is important to think of this factor when considering a bird as a pet. A bird’s cage liner, whether made out of newspaper, cardboard, or other material should never come in direct contact with your bird. A weekly cage cleaning is suggested. When it comes to your bird’s health, a healthy living environment equals a healthy life!

Diet –

A bird’s diet will change from species to species, however, there are still foods that generally should not be fed to a bird in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle.  Some of these foods include fruit pits, apple seeds, mushrooms, chocolate, and onions. When deciding on a bird, it is always important that you ask a veterinarian about the breed’s recommended diet. A bird’s diet is of the utmost importance when it comes to proper bird health.

Deciding If a Bird Is Right for You

The bond between a bird and a pet owner can become extremely strong. It must be remembered that bird health will rely strongly on how the owner cares for the bird. If you plan on owning a bird, or are trying to decide on what species of bird may be right for you, it is always recommended that you research the breed and talk to your local veterinarian.

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