Holiday Pet Safety Tips from Island Animal Hospital

This magical season can create some holiday hazards for your pets. Here are some things to keep in mind from your friends at Island Animal Hospital.


Resist feeding your pet table scraps.

Gravy, meat fat, poultry skin, grapes, nuts, bones, and more can all be dangerous for pets.

Keeps baked goods and sweets out of reach.
These are often too rich for pets, and may contain xylitol (a sweetener toxic to dogs). Chocolate is also toxic to both dogs and cats – the darker it is, the more dangerous.

Be wary of holiday decorations; pets often consume them.
Cats may eat tinsel, which can cause serious intestinal blockages.

Unplug decorations while you’re not around. Pets can be tempted to chew electrical cords.

Problematic Plants
Each of these common holiday plants can be troublesome or poisonous for pets:


From all of the vets and staff at IAH,
Happy Holidays!

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