Holiday Travel Tips: Traveling Safely With Pets!

During the holiday season, AAA has predicted that over 107.3 million Americans will travel to places outside of their home state (2017). This number is record breaking, with a 3.1% increase in traveling citizens since the year prior. With higher travel volume comes the potential for hazardous travel situations, and it is important to always be prepared for the unexpected.

For individuals who are planning to travel with their pets this holiday season, preparation is key. Delayed flights, traffic accidents, road closures, and unexpected delays are all common during a busy holiday season. With the right preparation, however, pet owners can feel stress free this year when leaving home with their furry friends.

Here Are Some Holiday Travel Pet Safety Tips from Island Animal Hospital!

  1. Prepare for a Long Trip, Regardless of Your Plans!

Whether you are traveling by plane, train, or automobile, delays can and will happen! When traveling with a pet, it is always important to ensure your pets comfortability and health. Overstocking on pet medications, toys, food, and other essential items can mean the difference between a stressful situation and an inconvenient one!

Quick Travel Tip: Traveling across state lines in a vehicle? Some states require proof of rabies vaccination at interstate crossings!

      2. Make Sure Your Pet Has Proper Identification.

When traveling, pet owners should always be prepared to handle a lost pet situation. Having your pet crates properly marked, as well as up-to-date tags and microchip information on your pet’s collar can help ensure a quick and easy reunion with your pet in the event your pet goes missing.

Quick Travel Tip: Always have a clear photo of your pet! Writing down pet statistics like height, weight, or descriptive markings can also help when identifying a lost pet.

  1. Set an Appointment with Your Veterinarian Before You Travel.

Meeting with your veterinarian before travel will not only help to ensure your pet’s safety, but also to ease a pet owner’s mind. Your veterinarian can check that your pet’s vaccinations are up to date, provide you with information to help reduce your pets stress, and offer pet-specific tips on the easiest ways to travel.

Quick Travel Tip: Don’t forget to ask your veterinarian for travel-friendly records such as a health certificate or proof of vaccination. It may be needed while you travel!

During this holiday season, we hope that all of our readers are able to travel stress free and safely! Traveling with a pet can be stressful, but with the right preparation, pet owners can ensure both themselves and their pet a happy holiday season.

From our family to yours, Happy Holidays from Island Animal Hospital.

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