Hurricane Season is Officially Here

Hurricane season officially runs from June 1 – November 30, and while many Floridians have a plan in place for the season, not everyone considers the effects a strong storm or an evacuation can have on pets. In addition to preparing supplies for your family and familiarizing yourself with evacuation routes, it’s also important to have a plan ready to go for dogs, cats, birds, rabbits, and other pets.

Hurricane Pet Tips from Island Animal Hospital:

  •  Keep a Supply of Medications/Supplements. If your pet is on a particular medication or supplement, make sure to have enough in reserve in case of evacuation or hospital closure. This also goes for food, especially prescription diets. An abrupt change in diet can cause upset stomach and cause diarrhea.
  •  Request Sedatives Ahead of Time. If your pet doesn’t travel well and needs a sedative prior to evacuating, request a prescription ahead of time. If pets have a history of seizures, this needs to be addressed before any sedatives are prescribed.
  •  Get Your Pets Microchipped. Having pets microchipped is important, and very helpful if they escape. Another important part of this is assuring that the microchip has been registered and has up-to-date information associated with it.

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