Fourth of July Safety Tips from Island Animal Hospital

Did you know that more dogs become lost on the Fourth of July than any other day throughout the year? While Fourth of July can be an exciting holiday for a human, it can often become a frightening and confusing night for your pet.

Here are Three Useful Tips on Taking Care of Your Pet this Fourth of July!

  1. Make sure your pet has up to date tags and microchip information.

Many pet owners will relocate and forget to update their pet’s information. This can cause trouble when a pet is found, as new contact information is not available in order to contact the owner. When a holiday like Fourth of July is approaching, where a pet could get lost at an event or dart while being startled by a firework, it is important to ensure this information is correct.

  1. Know ahead of time if your pet will need sedation.

Some pets may have high levels of anxiety, which can be detrimental to their health. If your pet may be frightened of fireworks, activity, or other loud noises, it may help to have a pet sedative. This should only be used if your pet becomes a danger to itself or others when under stress.  Always speak with a veterinarian first on this topic.

  1. Make your pet’s needs known.

With households throwing parties or firework displays, it is important that if your pet can become anxious or easily scared you let any visitors know to stay away. When an animal is frightened, it is more likely to accidentally snap towards a person. If you know your pet may need some space during the Fourth of July festivities, don’t be too shy to tell your visitors. Provide a comfortable space for your animal to relax throughout the night, and check in often.

Fourth of July is an exciting, loud, and joyous holiday. Although this is a night where most of us are known to have a blast, it is important we keep in mind the animals around us. Loud noises and large crowds can often cause anxiety in animals, and it is necessary to be prepared for an event such as this.

If you know that your animal experiences anxiety, and are worried about your pet being a potential danger to itself or others during the Fourth of July holiday, contact Island Animal Hospital today.

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