January is National Walk Your Pet Month!

The new year isn’t only the perfect time for your new beginning, it’s the perfect time for your pet to start their new beginning as well! In a 2016 survey, the APOP, or Association for Pet Obesity Prevention, found that 53.9% of dogs and 58.9% of cats were classified as clinically overweight.

This January, we want to encourage pet owners to help reduce those statistics by walking their pet! Celebrate National Walk Your Pet Month with Island Animal Hospital!

Walking Your Pet Regularly is Important

Many dogs not only find physical health benefits from being walked regularly, but mental health benefits as well. Studies have shown that walking your dog can help reduce the chance for destructive pet behavior around the home. It is important to give your dog something constructive to do, or else they may find something to deconstruct in your home!

Know Before You Go

Although getting out and walking with your animal may seem as easy as 1 – 2 – leash, there are certain precautions a pet owner should take before starting a new exercise program with their pet. Always make sure your dog is properly trained to be walked on a leash, and avoid walks during the warmest or coldest parts of the day. Monitor your pet’s breathing and physical movements during your walk and keep a close eye out for any irregularities.

Download the Island Animal Hospital App and Track Your Walk!

Not only can you easily schedule appointments and request refills with our new app, you can also easily track your pet’s health! Keep a pet journal and take notes on your pets behavior, vet visits, and daily activities. Integrated with a GPS tracker, Map My Pet will also help pet parents track the mileage and timing of your daily walks.

Download our New App on the App Store or Google Play today!

Always Seek Additional Medical Advice

Before starting any new exercise program with your pet, it is important that you consult a licensed veterinarian. Island Animal Hospital works towards reducing pet obesity by working with pet owners to find solutions to their pet health problems! If you are looking to help get your pet into shape, contact Island Animal Hospital today!

Want to see an example of what a proper diet can do? Meet Featured Pet Harley! An Island Animal Hospital Featured Pet who lost over TEN pounds! Click to Read More about Harley!

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