Overcoming Feline Obesity: Meet Featured Pet, Harley!

When Harley ruptured his CCL, his pet owners knew it was time for him to lose weight! Unfortunately for Harley, his weight made him unable to become a candidate for surgery. This meant that Harley’s lifestyle was going to have to change for the better.

Cats are known to be notoriously independent and Harley displayed many of these behaviors. Harley often enjoyed the dog’s leftover meals and has learned the art of meowing when he hopes to be fed. For Harley, weight loss was going to be a challenge, but with a proper plan in place the challenge was overcome!

Harley has lost over ten pounds since beginning his new lifestyle, which consists of a regularly scheduled mealtime, a prescription weight-loss diet food, and more physical activity. He is now fed twice per day at 7:00 AM and 7:00 PM. Since this weight loss, he has even become more active! He is often found chasing lasers or hanging with the dogs in the backyard.

Feline obesity is a common occurrence in household pets, with over 50% of all felines considered overweight.Obesity in cats should be taken seriously, as it can often predispose your pet to diseases such as diabetes, heart, liver, or respiratory disease. Even various joint conditions, such as the ruptured CCL which Harley experienced, can be the result of an overweight feline.

Before choosing to start a new lifestyle for your cat, it is important to note that certain medical conditions may lead to weight gain. Always contact a veterinarian before putting your pet on a new diet, as they may recommend blood work to check for any underlying diseases to be cautious. The way to losing weight may be different for each pet, so it is important to work with your doctor in finding a weight-loss plan that works best.

If you would like to start your pet on a new weight loss journey, we hope that you will call Island Animal Hospital today!

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