Meet Bojangles

Featured pet with urethral prolapse at Island Animal Hospital Merritt Island

Bojangles is a 3 year old Chinese pug and our newest Pet of the Month! He is currently recovering from the surgical correction of a urethral prolapse, performed by Dr. Jeff Christiansen at our Merritt Island hospital.His owner,

Mrs. Stasak, has Bojangles covered by “Healthy Paws” Pet Insurance. When asked if she would recommend pet insurance to other pet parents she said, “Very, very much! They (Healthy Paws) are the greatest. They call to make sure I am O.K. and never give us any problems with over $8,000.00 in medical bills!” Mrs. Stasak spares no expense when it comes to Bojangles’ health- From trips to see veterinarians at Iowa State University to visits at an acupuncturist’s office- Healthy Paws Insurance has helped the Stasak family maintain Bo’s health.


Island Animal Hospital is proud to work with all Pet Insurance companies to aid in providing the best possible care within an owner’s budget.

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