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Blindness in Pets: Meet Featured Pet, Stevie!

Blindness in Pets: Meet Island Animal Hospital Featured Pet, Stevie! Stevie is Island Animal Hospital’s latest featured pet! A 14 year old Bichon Frise, Stevie was born with malnourished eyes. Due to the condition of his eyes, Stevie has lived his life without vision. Animals can have the same health conditions that humans have, and…

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Overcoming Feline Obesity: Meet Featured Pet, Harley!

When Harley ruptured his CCL, his pet owners knew it was time for him to lose weight! Unfortunately for Harley, his weight made him unable to become a candidate for surgery. This meant that Harley’s lifestyle was going to have to change for the better.

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Anaphylaxis: How a Quick Response Can Save a life

Meet Maggie, an Island Animal Hospital Pet Patient Who Was Treated for Anaphylaxis! Allergic reactions can be hard to predict, and in some cases even more difficult to diagnose. While minor allergic reactions are common for household pets to experience, there is a potentially fatal and hard to identify form of an allergic reaction to…

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Meet Featured Pet: Sparky!

Sparky is a two year old Yorkshire Terrier who has seen quite a lot! After being lost for more than two months, Sparky was relocated with his owners thanks to his pet microchip! Pet microchips are extremely beneficial. The American Humane Association estimates that over 10 million dogs or cats are lost and stolen every year.…

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Meet dude: Gastropexy Surgery Patient

Gastropexy is a preventative surgery against a very dangerous occurrence called Gastric Dilatation and Volvulus (GDV), commonly called bloat. Bloat happens when the stomach fills with gas and rotates. This rotation can cut off circulation to the stomach and spleen. Bloat quickly turns into a surgical emergency as the dog goes into shock, and if not…

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Ellie is a rescued Shetland Sheepdog whose hobbies include waiting for squirrels to come out of trees and tummy rubs. Ellie recently underwent dental surgery at Island Animal Hospital to have a fractured canine tooth removed, a surgery which has helped Ellie smile once again! Tooth fracture can affect any animal with teeth but are…

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Bailey’s story is special because she directly helps other dogs in their time of need. Because of Bailey’s excellent health, she has been able to donate blood for other pets. She is also part of Dr. Christiansen’s Stem Cell program in Cocoa Beach.   Just like humans, dogs have specific blood types, and healthy dogs can often…

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A patient of Island Animal Hospital veterinarian, Dr. Sisserson, since 1999, Maxwell currently receives treatment for renal disease, otherwise known as kidney disease. He exhibits such bravery and strength during his treatments, and has become a lifelong companion for his family!

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Meet Featured Pet, Gizmo!

Gizmo is an 2-year-old female pitbull mix. A stray that was found earlier in the year, Gizmo was brought to us for her first exam by new pet parents when they discovered she had heartworm. Today, she has completed heartworm injections but is on restricted activity. Her next step is a heart worm test in…

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Stoke is an 8-year-old domestic shorthair, neutered male cat. Stoke was presented to us because he was attacked by an unknown animal 2 months ago. In an effort to help Stoke – he received injectable antibiotics, as well as several types of oral antibiotics and a surgically placed drain which removed both necrotic tissue and…

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