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Meet Beaver & Gracie

“We see Beaver and Gracie regularly for grooming and routine veterinary care,” said Kory, receptionist at IAH. “They are such a delightful pair – It’s always a treat when they come in to the office!” Fun Fact About Beaver & Gracie, Pekingese Dogs: Both dogs earned their CA Coursing Ability Titles recently, making them the…

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Meet Bojangles

Bojangles is a 3 year old Chinese pug and our newest Pet of the Month! He is currently recovering from the surgical correction of a urethral prolapse, performed by Dr. Jeff Christiansen at our Merritt Island hospital.His owner, Mrs. Stasak, has Bojangles covered by “Healthy Paws” Pet Insurance. When asked if she would recommend pet…

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Meet Aspen and Dixie

These two lovely ladies are owned and loved by the Senk family- and have a very interesting story! They are both golden retrievers, about a week a part in age, were acquired by their owner a week a part seven years ago as puppies, and both recently suffered from pyometra… you guessed it… A week…

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Meet Bandit

Bandit, who got his name from his mask-like face markings, met his family when he showed up one morning on their doorstep. He is a curious, playful kitten who loves retrieve rubber bands his family shoots across the room. Bandit recently let his curiosity get him into trouble. He was brought in due to excessive…

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